Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi: How To Build the Dragon Shield

Find the three parts and assemble the Guard of Fafnir Dragon Shield in Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi Descent DLC.

Dragons are everywhere in this new DLC and this guide will show you how to build the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi. While the shield is actually called the Guard of Fafnir, let’s all agree to call it the Dragon Shield. Building the Dragon Shield is actually a fairly simple process, requiring three parts that each can spawn in one of three randomized locations. We’ll show you each possible location so you can build the Gorod Krovi Dragon Shield!

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Step 1: Turn On The Power

Unlike the power in Zetsubou No Shima, the Gorod Krovi Power requires a simple switch. Head to the Dragon Control room and flip the power switch.

Step 2: Find The First Dragon Shield Part - Heart

Spawn Location 1: Chair

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The first shield part is located near the spawn, in the Department Store building. While you are here, pick up the first vodka bottle on the couch for the Secret Song. Head up the stairs to the second floor and make a right at the top of the steps. In the room with the Juggernog, you will see a desk with a chair in front. This chair is the first possible place the shield part can spawn. If it is not here, head to Spawn Location 2!

Spawn Location 2: Truck

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You won’t have to go far if you didn’t get luck in your first spawn location, go outside from the Juggernog room and down the stairs. On the driver’s side door of the broken down truck is the second spawn location for the Gorod Krovi Dragon Shield part.

Spawn Location 3: Shelf

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Not there? No worries! The Dragon Shield part will definitely be at Spawn Location 3 if you haven’t found it yet. From the Truck, make your way down into the Operations Bunker. Make a left inside the bunker and you should see a shelf on your left hand side. Fortunately, these shield parts are not particularly well hidden and stand out from their surroundings. Hold the action button once you see the prompt to pick up the first Dragon Shield Part.

Step 3: Find The Second Dragon Shield Part - Head

Spawn Location 1: The Infirmary

The Dragon Shield parts are chained together, so the first possible spawn of the second part is located very close to the third possible spawn of the first part. From the Operations Bunker, go to the back staircase and enter the Infirmary.

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The first spawn location is at the top of the stairs and to the left, in between two wood boxes.

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Spawn Location 2: Bunk Bed

Not there? Oh well. Keep moving through the Infirmary and up the hill.

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At the top of the hill will be a set of bunk beds, on the bottom bunk is the Spawn Location 2 for the Dragon Shield part.

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Spawn Location 3: Hospital Room

Hospital Room is not the official name, you are still in the Infirmary, but the top floor is the most hospital looking.

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Head up the stairs from the bunk beds to this room and on the back wall is the third spawn location for the second piece of the Dragon Shield in Gorod Krovi.

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Step 4: Find The Third Dragon Shield Part - Mouth

Spawn Location 1: Boxes

Cross the bridge located at the top floor of the Infirmary to find the first spawn location of the third part. This is the part where you need power.

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Make a left after crossing the bridge, in the corner you will see a box splattered in blood. On top of this box is the first spawn location.

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Spawn Location 2: Bunker

Continue down the stairs and straight ahead you will see the second spawn location, it is on the wall to the left of the metal shelf, above the sand bags.

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Spawn Location 3: Wood

Follow the arrows on the wall from spawn location 2 and stay to the right. You will arrive at a bit of a fork in the road, make the hard right.

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At the bottom of the hill is a charred piece of wood, it actually looks like a shield! On this piece of wood is spawn location 3.

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Step 5: Building The Dragon Shield

If you have all three parts, it is time to head to the workbench. You should see a prompt to assemble the Guard of Fafnir, that’s the Dragon Shield. It will take a second or two to build, so try not to do it if a zombie is hot on your tail. That’s it! You now have your own Dragon Shield.


The Dragon Shield can be upgraded! Use our guide to upgrade your Dragon Shield.

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A big thank you goes out to Craig98, who was the first person to figure this out. Images and video are sourced from his channel.

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