Black Ops 3: How To Activate The Pack-a-Punch in Gorod Krovi

Use our guide to collect the Code Cylinders and activate the Pack-a-Punch in Gorod Krovi.

Activating the Pack-a-Punch in Gorod Krovi involves Code Cylinders, drop pods, and flying dragons. This guide will show you how to collect all three code cylinders, deposit them in the correct location and defend the drop pods long enough to get the flying dragons. If you do all of this successfully, you will be able to fly to the Pack-a-Punch and upgrade your weapons in Gorod Krovi!

Step 1: Turn On The Power

Head over to the Dragon Command Center for the easiest power switch in recent memory. Simply walk over to the machine with the power lever and you will see a prompt to hit the action button (Square on PS4 or X on Xbox). Press the button and activate the power! Once the power is on, Zombies have a chance to drop Code Cylinders.

Step 2: Depositing the Cylinders

Once a zombie drops a Code Cylinder, pick it up to see what room it corresponds to. There are three Code Cylinders; Dragon Command, Tank Factory, and Supply Depot. These are not named to trick you, simply deposit each cylinder in the the location it is named after, in the machine that asks for a Groph Module. A prompt will appear when you are near the right machine. The Tank Factory module might be the hardest to find, it is located near the giant robot from the Gorod Krovi intro.

Step 3: Defending the Pods

Once a Code Cylinder is deposited, look to the sky for a green beam of light. These beams of light will show you where a pod is about to be dropped. Before the pods can be opened, they must be charged by killing zombies near it. Don’t let the zombies get too close however, as they can destroy it and force you to start over.

Once the pod is opened, it will give you a piece to the Dragon Network. Deposit this piece in the Operations Bunker and the zombies will now have a chance to drop the next Code Cylinder. Repeat steps two and three to gain all three Dragon Network parts, then head to one of the places where you deposited the cylinders, we suggest the Dragon Command since it has a dragon in the name, obviously.

Step 4: Calling The Dragon

You will see a computer with a dragon on the screen and a prompt to call down the dragon. Go ahead and activate the prompt. The dragon will take a little bit to arrive, so you will not be able to use it to escape instantly. Take your time and clear out the surrounding zombies, a prompt will appear once the dragon is ready to ride. Jordan was right, the Dragons will take you to the Pack-a-Punch in Gorod Krovi!

Step 5: Activating the Pack-a-Punch

The dragon will take you where you need to go, you will find the Pack-a-Punch in the downstairs of the building you are dropped off in. Now, you only need some money to upgrade your weapons. Now that you are in the Pack-a-Punch location, you can perform the first ste to unlock the Dragon Strike in Gorod KroviOur Gorod Krovi Guide Hub will have everything you need to finish this crucial map and see the final cut scene.

Video and Image Source: NoahJ456

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