Black Ops 3: How to Play The Gorod Krovi Secret Song Easter Egg

We’ll show you how to play the Dead Ended Secret Song Easter Egg in Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi Zombies.

Every Black Ops 3 map has a had a Secret Song, and Gorod Krovi is no different. We’ll show you how to unlock the Dead Ended Secret Song Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Gorod Krovi Zombie Map. Much like the previous Zombie maps, Gorod Krovi’s Secret Song will require activating three items hidden in the map. In Gorod Krovi, these items are vodka bottles. Use our guide to find all three vodka bottles and play the Secret Song Easter Egg in Gorod Krovi!

Vodka Bottle 1

Vodka bottle number 1 is located very close to the spawn of Gorod Krovi. Head over to the Department Store and enter the metal gate.

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Once inside, there will be a couch slightly to the right with two chairs on it. On the couch is your first vodka bottle.

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There will not be a prompt to pick it up, so hold the cursor over the bottle and press square (or X on Xbox.)

Vodka Bottle 2

The second vodka bottle in Gorod Krovi is located close to the first one, the Dead Ended Secret Song is actually easy to unlock this time around. Go up to the second floor Operation Room, where the Juggernog is, and go down the stairs to your left.

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You will spot a crashed truck on fire, in between the crashed truck cargo is the second Vodka bottle of the Dead Ended Secret Song Easter Egg.

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Vodka Bottle 3

Finally, the last bottle needed to play this Secret Song Easter Egg is located in the Supply Depot.

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Upon entering the Supply Depot, make a left. On the shelf to your right, you will see a box with a big white cross on it.

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Next to this box is the third vodka bottle in Gorod Krovi.

That is all you need to do to play the Dead Ended Secret Song in Gorod Krovi! Those hoping for a pleasant lullaby or dreamy experience like in Zetsubou No Shima will surely be disappointed, this is the heaviest Zombie Secret Song we’ve ever heard. Stay tuned to our Gorod Krovi Guide Hub for all the latest Easter Egg guides and tips.

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