Black Ops 3 Descent DLC Livestream Roundup

Check out what Treyarch covered during their Black Ops 3 Descent DLC livestream. 

Despite a few technical errors, Treyarch managed to host yet another DLC-focused livestream, this time focusing on the Black Ops 3 Descent DLC pack which is set to be released tomorrow for PlayStation 4. In addition to discussing the four new maps which will be included in the Descent DLC, Treyarch also unveiled a pair of new trailers, one for the DLC’s new competitive maps, and one for the new Zombies experience Gorod Krovi.

First up, Zombies director Jason Blundell talked briefly about the new Gorod Krovi map (though sadly this is where a lot of the audio issues cropped up so a lot of what he said was cut out) before the official intro cinematic for the new map was revealed:

Blundell also revealed a new comic series which will be centered around the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline, which will be published in partnership with Dark Horse Comics. You can read more about the Black Ops Zombies comic series here. The livestream then pivoted over to the Black Ops 3 Descent DLC’s four new competitive multiplayer maps, with a panel of developers discussing the four maps and the inspirations behind them. The developers promised that, despite its newly updated layout, Empire will feel very familiar to fans of the map as it is based off of Black Ops 2’s Raid map.

As for the new Berserk map (which is set within an icy Viking village), the developers said that they like to introduce at least one new “outside the box” map with each DLC pack, and Berserk is that map for Descent. The Cryogen map, which is set in an isolated cryo-prison housing the world’s most dangerous criminals, was actually a labor of love for the Treyarch team since they had to scrap a similar map concept for Black Ops 2.

And lastly, the Rumble map, which is set in a massive robot fighting arena, will actually be the very first two-lane Black Ops 3 map (as opposed to the usual three lanes), giving players a more intimate (and more chaotic) locale in which to do battle. You can check out a new teaser trailer feature all four new maps below:

In addition, David Vonderhaar himself formally announced the new Fracture competitive multiplayer mode that was added into the game via today’s 1.13 Black Ops 3 patch, and which will officially go live this upcoming Friday, July 15th through a special multiplayer playlist. You can read more about Fracture courtesy of our full coverage of the Black Ops 3 1.13 update. Excited for Black Ops 3's new maps? Be sure to check out the new Rumble trailer featured in Black Ops 3's Descent DLC, as well as the new Cryogen map trailer

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