Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Attachments Guide

Make the most out of your add-ons with our handy guide

Weapons are a key portion of what makes Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 click so well, but another thing you'll want to keep in mind is how you use attachments. These can increase the optimal performance of your weapons, whether it's being quicker on the draw with them or improving your overall aim.

Here's a breakdown of the attachments you'll find in the game, and the best ways to use them!

When it comes to using attachments, keep in mind that each one individually take up a spot in your Pick 10 points, so you'll want to make sure you use the best ones for the job. However, you can create a weapon that holds up to five different attachments, and while this fills up your Pick 10, it can really boost your overall performance.

These attachments usually divide up into one optical sight, two for a primary weapon and two for a secondary weapon. If you want, you can apply Wildcards and add another attachment, if you think you really need it.

To shop for attachments, simply pay the Gunsmith a visit and see what weapons and templates you can set up with your weapons. From there, you can customize with paint schemes if you wish, or just go with how awesome it naturally looks. The choice is yours.

Essentially, this will help pick up the speed of how quickly you pull a weapon into your hands for firing. This is great for those who prefer combat with assault rifles or LMG/SMG weapons on a medium-grade level. Shotguns can also benefit in their own way too. However, you can't use Quickdraw for sniper rifles or bigger weapons.

If you want to fire your shots silently or not give off a muzzle flash around others, go with the Suppressor. Using it helps quiet your shots as well, if you feel like sneaking up on others. Keep in mind, though, that activating it will decrease the range of your weapon. That may not be good for sniper types.

When firing a weapon, you may notice a bit of recoil that takes off from some of your aim. The Grip fixes that, allowing you to stabilize your weapons better when firing. This is great for all automatic weapons, as well as heavier guns like the shotgun.

High Caliber
Are you good with headshots? Then the High Caliber is your tool of choice, as it allows you to increase damage done with landed headshots. Granted, they're pretty lethal to begin with, but this assures the job will get done, even on stronger foes. If you're picking off foes in a hurry, go with this, along with Rapid Fire.

For those who hate having to adjust for aiming while on the run, Stock is a must. This enables you to move faster as you aim, so that you have better accuracy while not losing any momentum. You can also strafe better when dodging bullets, and work your way around blind corners in case anyone is coming around. Use it with general medium-grade weapons, including assault rifles, machine guns and the shotgun.

Laser Sight
Want to increase the accuracy of your shots from the hip? Try the Laser Sight. This allows you to have better aim on your weapons, as you can line up your shots as you take them. It's far more accurate than your on-screen cursor, and works with all medium-grade weapons, including shotguns, LMG/SMGs and assault rifles.

This weird-sounding attachment is actually very effective, as you'll use it to increase penetration. This includes cutting through cover and walls. Though the impact is about the same, you actually lose less damage when shooting through these points. They're great with assault rifles and LMG's, but don't forget to keep using your hit markers as well.

Fast Mags
Tired of the slow reload? Aren't we all. There's a way around that, though, and it's with Fast Mags. By equipping this, you'll be able to reload all your weapons faster, both large and small. This is great for both mid-range and long-range weapons, so don't miss it.

Extended Mag
Want more ammo in your gun? There are times you'll wish you had a few bullets left in the chamber – and with the Extended Mag, you can get it. This enables you to fire more bullets from your weapons without having to reload so often. Close quarters benefits the most from this attachment, although snipers may find some use if they're picking off multiple targets.

Long Barrel
Here you go, sniper lovers – this attachment is for you. The Long Barrel will increase your firing range altogether, enabling you to do greater damage from afar. However, it's only a slight increase in range, so take a close look at weapon charts before equipping it to see if it suits your needs.

Rapid Fire
Some assault rifles let loose with a good stream of bullets, but if you feel like adding more for effectiveness, try the Rapid Fire attachment. This picks up firing range with a few different weapons, although it's best suited for the SMG and other close-quarters weapons. It's also pretty good for distance weapons, and can do major damage when paired with the Grip.

Ballistics CPU
Finally, with the Ballistics CPU, you're able to reduced weapon sway while aiming. This can help increase your accuracy, like the Grip, but in a totally different way. However, it only works with Sniper Rifles, but makes it better if you need to move to a new point and aim right away. Try it out and see what it does while you shift from position to position.

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