Black Ops 3: How To Do The Daily Contract - June 30

Cross your fingers for today's Black Ops 3 Daily Contract.

Daily Contracts have been introduced to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and are a great way to earn Cryptokeys for spending in the Black Market. We’ll show you the best way to earn the best loadouts, weapons, and game modes to earn the Daily Contract quickly in Black Ops 3. Heads up, today is an awful one!


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Killjoy is the Black Ops 3 Daily Contract for Thursday, June 30th and requires you to kill three enemies who have a Specialist Weapon or Ability active.

Best Game Modes For Completing The Killjoy Contract

There are two methods here, but both of them involve a lot of luck. Ground War is a great option here, since more players on the map means more players who might have an Ability or Weapon active. There will be more kills going around and hopefully more players will be running Overclock due to the Weekly Contract. If Ground War isn't your thing, you can try the Chaos Moshpit. Nuketown is extremely cramped with only 12 players on it, so you will have plenty of opportunities to take out an active Specialist Weapon. Have fun and play a lot tonight, you might get it in one game or it may take five.

Best Loadout For Completing The Killjoy Contract

The best way to take out someone using a Specialist Weapon is with a Specialist Weapon of your own, so make sure you have the Overclock perk equipped. If you are going with Ground Game, try an LMG with a huge clip to mow down as many enemies as possible without having to reload. The Dingo is a great option, along with the BRM. For Chaos Moshpit, an SMG will be your best friend. As always, the VMP with a Long Barrel is what you should be using.

Don't think about the Killjoy Contract too much, simply play Call of Duty tonight and you will get it eventually. the only Specialist who will really let you know the Ability is active would be Outrider. You will see her ping on the map, she'll know you are there too of course, but go ahead and see if you can pick her off first.

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