Black Ops 3 Descent DLC: Gorod Krovi Easter Eggs

Taking a look at potential Easter Eggs within Black Ops 3 Descent DLC’s Gorod Krovi map.

Gorod Krovi, the new Zombies map included in the Black Ops 3 Descent DLC map pack, is expected to be one of most enjoyable Call of Duty Zombies maps to date with giant dragons, new weapons, and a new variety of zombies. The map is not only expected to be great thanks to its new features, but also because we can expect some huge Easter Eggs that may further help to explain the Zombies storyline.


The Easter Eggs are here and flying fast, use our Gorod Krovi Guide Hub to find them all! Start off with the Secret Song in Gorod Krovi, it's nice and easy this time.

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Battle of Stalingrad

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Although Gorod Krovi is not released as of yet, Treyarch and Activision have already revealed an Easter Egg — a tribute to the Battle of Stalingrad itself. If you're not aware, Gorod Krovi (otherwise known as the City of Blood) is based in Stalingrad, and on the 28th of June 1942, Nazi Germany launched a major offensive to seize Soviet oil fields and capture the city of Stalingrad. This battle is now referred to by historians as “The Battle of Stalingrad.”

It's not entirely clear if Gorod Krovi’s location is a small Easter Egg in and of itself, or if it's going to play a more significant role in a future Easter Egg once the Black Ops 3 Descent DLC map pack is released on July the 12th. It's obvious that this Easter Egg will be the first of many as there will likely be larger Easter Eggs in Gorod Krovi that will not only explain more aspects of the Zombies storyline but also explain the birth of zombies in the Call of Duty franchise.


Call of Duty Zombies originally began in Call of Duty: World At War, back when it was nothing more than a cool Easter Egg for completing the game’s campaign. It’s common knowledge that this Easter Egg was nothing more than a fun project for the developers, and because of this they took a lot of the existing textures and character models from the campaign and placed them into the Zombies component.

One of the more interesting points that Call of Duty Zombies players have noted is how Call of Duty Zombies has become a major staple in the Treyarch’s Call of Duty titles. Because of this, Stalingrad could play a significant role in the Zombies storyline as Richtofen, who is arguably the most important zombies character, was first introduced in the World At War Campaign mission "Vendetta,” which as you might have guessed... is based in Stalingrad.

Now all of this could just be one massive coincidence considering how the character model of Richtofen was taken from this map. However, even if this was a coincidence, Treyarch is notorious for revisiting their previous games and figuring out new ways to incorporate these game aspects into the Zombies storyline and maps, cleverly convincing fans that everything was planned from the beginning.

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Another confirmation that we’ll be getting a tribute to the World At War’s Vendetta mission was pointed out by a Reddit user who noticed a striking similarity between a certain shot in Gorod Krovi’s trailer and the Vendetta mission.

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As we can see by comparing the two photos, there is a massive similarity between both images from the broken wall of the fountain, right down to the dead bodies beside it.


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Many hardcore Zombies fans are also beginning to speculate if we'll also be getting a Reznov Easter Egg on Gorod Krovi, because he is a vital character not only in World at War but also the Vendetta mission. Furthermore, what makes this even more plausible is the fact that one photo in particular from Kino Der Toten shows a shadowy figure. Many people in the Call of Duty Zombies community believed it to be the Shadow Man from Black Ops 3 Zombies.

However, it doesn’t appear to as plausible as the other theory, which suggests that it could be Reznov. If this is the case, it could potentially indicate that Treyarch is planning to include a Reznov Easter Egg in the new Gorod Krovi Zombies map. Additionally, it's possible that a Reznov Easter Egg could either appear as part of Gorod Krovi’s main Easter Egg or simply as a small tribute to the character.

Whether or not these Easter Eggs make it into Gorod Krovi, there’s no question that the new Zombies map is going to be filled with countless new Easter Eggs that will give fans some much-needed answers about the Zombies storyline. We’ll find out when the Black Ops 3 Descent DLC map pack is released on July 12th!

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