New Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Image Released

Taking a closer look at Gorod Krovi, the brand new Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Zombies map. 

The PlayStation Store just added the new Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Descent Dynamic Theme which includes the first look at Gorod Krovi, the brand new DLC 3 Zombies map. Taking a closer look at the Gorod Krovi image, we see that dragons will play a massive role in the overall Zombies experience in the upcoming DLC 3 expansion.

Over the past several months, Easter Eggs and other small clues have all indicated that DLC 3 Zombies will be based in Stalingrad and dragons will play a significant role in the map. We are finally able to confirm these theories after the release of the first official DLC 3 Zombies map image, Gorod Krovi. Upon further inspection of the image, we can also see a giant robot towards the middle-right of the screen, potentially indicating that we may get another 1000ft robot in Gorod Krovi like we did in Black Ops 2s Origins.

It's not yet clear if the robot will be A.I. controlled, controlled by players, or if it has been destroyed by the dragons circling above, but either way it looks spectacular. One final thing to note is that the image is an animated dynamic theme. All that appears to be animated are some anti-aircraft guns that seem to be firing into the sky, which may prove to be a step in Gorod Krovi's Easter Egg. In Zetsubou No Shima, you needed to fire an anti-aircraft cannon to destroy a passing plane, and although this has nothing to do with Gorod Krovi, it shows us how these features can easily be implemented into a Zombies map.

So is it possible that we'll need to fight dragons in a giant robot, or shoot dragons out of the sky with massive anti-aircraft guns? Stay tuned for the upcoming Black Ops 3 Descent DLC 3 gameplay trailer!

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