Five Embarrassing YouTube Moments

From unboxing mishaps to the worst Call of Duty kill ever, these five embarrassing YouTube moments will make you bust out laughing. 

Don't you hate it when you mess something up so bad you wish it never happened, then realize you actually recorded that moment for added prosperity? YouTube is filled with clips like these where people end up making fools of themselves – and in hindsight, they're actually pretty damn funny. Without further ado, here are our top five embarrassing YouTube moments. And because we’re Opshead, we made sure to include a couple of Call of Duty-related ones for good measure!

Glitching Queen's Failed Promo Video

Sometimes you want to dedicate your time on YouTube to uploading a good promo video whether it’s unboxing the newest Lootcrate, or pushing a particular product you enjoy. This is exactly what Glitching Queen attempted to do with the Grizzly Gaming Crate. However, this endeavour proves to be anything but easy, as she ends up having to restart the video numerous times. To be fair, her channel specializes more in gaming content rather than Lootcrate (or in this case, Grizzly Gaming Crate), unboxing videos.

Nevertheless, the amount of errors she makes during the unboxing video is extremely entertaining. She eventually manages to get the job done... after countless restarts. And the look on her face as she makes these mistakes? Priceless. Glitching Queen seems to do better with her Call of Duty-related content, and her videos are definitely worth following. But it just goes to show that even the most seasoned YouTube stars have trouble getting everything done smoothly. 

COD Nazi Zombies In Real Life 3 Bloopers

The team at V2rocketproductions are experts at recreating video game scenarios in their series of short films. That's certainly the case with their COD Nazi Zombies In Real Life video series. However, the team is also known for having a great deal of fun when making their videos, which is highlighted in their hilarious collection of bloopers. The blooper videos include the usual amount of crack-ups, screw-ups, and other goofy antics on set.

Furthermore, they're definitely worthy of a good laugh or two, especially if you're a fan of the COD Nazi Zombies In Real Life episodes to begin with. You'll see about fourteen-something minutes of these jokes between the two clips here, and they may just get you interested in the episodes themselves if you haven't watched them before (even with the Wilford Brimley "Diabeetus" reference).


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