E3 2016: How the Jackal Will Control in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Taylor Kurosaki tells us what role the Jackal will play in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and offers new details on how it will control.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare released a new trailer during the Sony Media Briefing that showed off some exciting new weapons and gameplay mechanics, including a Jackal dog fight that is completely off rails. Opshead had the opportunity to sit down with Infinity Ward’s Narrative Lead Taylor Kurosaki at E3 2016 and discuss how your personal ship in Infinite Warfare, the Jackal, will handle and control.

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Seamless Jackal Integration

Contrary to popular belief, the Jackal will not make one or two appearances in a linear campaign level, it is seamlessly integrated throughout the entire campaign.

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“The Jackal is always present, it’s your way out, it’s your way in. It’s your way to take out fighters, turrets and targets,” Kurosaki told Opshead. “[The Jackal] is a deep vehicle that we fully intend to use over and over again.”

The Jackal is a method of combat and transportation in Infinite Warfare, taking you to campaign missions once they are selected from your home base ship, the Retribution.

“You’ll have some intel on SetDef fleet movements, so you’ll have the locations of their ships,” said Kurosaki about how the Jackal will function in between campaign missions. “Usually, if [SetDef] is wise to you coming, they will launch their own fighters. Now, you have to have a dog fight around the Settlement Defense Front ship just to be able to get to it.”

Jackal Controls

Now that the Jackal is confirmed to be a big part of the campaign, obviously we need to know how it will control. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pick up a flight sim joystick and be a licensed pilot to operate the Jackal.

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“If you are familiar with FPS controls, it’s easy to pick up,” Kurosaki explained. Holding the jump button will bring the Jackal up, while holding crouch will send it downwards. You will also have the ability to strafe and ADS while flying your Jackal, opening up the possibility of incredibly entertaining, skill based dog fights.

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“The AI of the enemy fighters was something we spent a lot of time on and we think that is going to pay off with huge dividends. Vehicle moments, and vehicle set pieces, have always been a part of the franchise, but what we are trying to do here is something a little different. [The Jackal] is a fully controllable, fully pilotable vehicle that you can have fun coming back to over and over again.”

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We have plenty more from our interview with Taylor Kurosaki coming soon, but in the meantime check out our other coverage of Infinite Warfare at E3 2016. The Jackal is the futuristic part of Infinite Warfare's campaign, but veterans of the series will love the mission we saw on Geneva. Obviously, the next big question is whether or not these Jackal fights will make their way into multiplayer, but we'll get more on that in September!

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