Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Geneva Campaign First Impressions

Infinite Warfare is a perfect blend of the past and future.

Infinite Warfare has been off to an incredibly polarizing start, with some fans calling for a return to the roots of the franchise and others embracing the future. Infinity Ward has a monumental task on its hands in uniting the divided fan base, especially with other big name shooters launching around the same time this fall. From what we’ve seen so far at E3, they are up to the challenge.

We had a look at the Geneva mission in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which started off with a devastating, two-pronged SetDef attack. In the aftermath of a large bomb, the player has to control Captain Reyes through the destroyed city of Geneva, fighting of SetDef ground troops and robots in the process. What followed has us incredibly excited for the Infinite Warfare Campaign.

World War Future

The opening part of the level was very much a corridor shooter in typical Call of Duty style, the boots are firmly on the ground . Although there were futuristic weapons and equipment, not to mention angry robots, the level design had the feel of an old World War 2 shooter, right down to the crumbling European city. Infinity Ward has mentioned Saving Private Ryan as an inspiration, and it is easy to see the similarities.

Some of the weapons shown off were energy based, though you couldn’t really tell. They fired, recoiled and had to be reloaded like familiar weapons from previous Call of Duty titles. The SMG may have been firing energy projectiles with a glowing blue light, but it reminded us of the PDW from Black Ops 2. Like the setting and theme, these outer space weapons are grounded in a very human reality.

The Classic CoD Set Piece

The twisting corridors of Geneva opened up to a classic Call of Duty set piece, explosions were all over as you pushed through a battlefield with a large number of soldiers at your side. Despite the Halo looking drop ship and the occasional robot, this section was warfare on a human level. The far future Geneva was transformed into Normandy Beach. This is exactly what Infinity Ward meant when they said Infinite Warfare will return the series to its roots, despite the far-future setting. Boots on the ground is not only the latest buzzword from the Activision marketing department, it is the perfect way to describe the Geneva mission.

Yes, Infinite Warfare is in the future. Yes, there are robots; but this is the Call of Duty you remember, the Call of Duty you fell in love with all those years ago. From what we’ve seen so far, Infinite Warfare is an amazing blend of the past and future of Call of Duty that will keep a wide variety of fans entertained. The Geneva mission ended with a dog fight in outer space, a transition to signal that the future is here, but the past is not forgotten.

We aren't the only ones who got a WW2 vibe from Infintie Warfare. Chain-based movement is confirmed to return, and a reddit user may have spotted the first example of the boost meter.

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