How To Create Dark Matter Camo In Black Ops 3

A guide on how to recreate the Dark Matter camo in Black Ops 3’s paint shop. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 3’s Dark Matter is one of the hardest challenge camos to unlock in Call of Duty history, as you need to unlock every single camo for every gun in the game in order to obtain it. Despite the fact that Black Ops 3's Dark Matter may be one of the most difficult camos to obtain, with a few small tips you'll be able to create your very own in the Black Ops 3 paint shop.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that although the final paint shop camo will look very similar to Dark Matter it will not be animated.

Creating Dark Matter

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While the process of creating the Dark Matter camo is not difficult, it will require some constant adjustments if you want to make it look as good as possible. To start, you will need a weapon that the paint shop is able to the majority of such as the M8A7. For some reason, Treyarch decided to exclude the ability to cover your entire weapon in the paint shop with your own camo, which means that the M8A7 is probably your best bet when it comes to replicating the Dark Matter camo.

To create the Dark Matter camo, you will need to have a dark purple background that covers the entire weapon. The purple background is crucial when you begin adding the variety of splashes as it will help prevent small unpainted gaps, and enable you to adjust the opacity of the following colors you’ll add. Once you've applied the purple background to both the sides and top of your weapon, you can begin adding different shades of blue and purple.

Note: It helps to look at an image of the real Dark Matter camo for reference.

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The Dark Matter camo is essentially a mix of randomized shades of blue and purple. After you’ve figured out the best way to replicate this, it’s time to begin the process of adding various different shades of blue and purple to your weapon with the splash shapes. The splash shapes are located in the "Patterns" section across from "Icons." The splash shapes you'll be looking for are Splat, Splatter, Paint, and Paintball.

After you've selected your desired pattern you'll then want to make sure that you rotate the splashes randomly by holding R1/R2. In addition, you will also want to change the opacity of your colors randomly between 20% and 40%. Be sure to regularly save your progress while you add different layers in the event that you need to go back in and make adjustments. Once you've applied your layers to the left, right, and top of your weapon your camo should look something like the image below.

And that’s it, you now have your Dark Matter camo! Let us know if you’d love to see more guides on how to create more camos from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in the comments below.

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