Zetsubou No Shima Jumpscare Doppleganger Easter Egg Discovered

The first footage of the Zetsubou No Shima jumpscare Easter Egg has been discovered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The jumpscare in Zetsubou No Shima, known as the Doppleganger Easter Egg, has finally been discovered. When Treyarch said Zetsubou No Shima was the scariest zombies map in Call of Duty, the Doppelganger Easter Egg must have been what they were talking about! Check out the footage below, courtesy of ryan0348, to see this fantastic jumpscare Easter Egg.

Jumpscares in Call of Duty Zombies are usually pop up images and a screeching sound when zoomed down a sniper scope. They are great for a cheap scare and a laugh, but easily forgettable. This Doppleganger Easter Egg jumpscare however, is a deceptive trick on the player. When playing co-op with one character as Richtofen, the game actually created a second Richtofen player character, complete with gamertag and level above his head! Notice in the video as the screen on top walks towards what he thinks is his friend standing still by the bunker, when actually his friend is far away playing as usual. The doppleganger Richtofen then turns around  and screams, the erie quote “let me help you” can also be heard.This jumpscare Easter Egg disables the player’s weapon momentarily, good thing only a handful of level 9 zombies were around at the time!

Unfortunately, no one knows how to activate the Doppleganger Easter Egg at this time. Ryan0348 said he did nothing out of the ordinary to activate it. While this is bad news for people who want to recreate this right now, it also means you probably don’t have to do too much in order to get this to happen. The jumpscare happened in round 9;  no wonder weapons were built at the time and no rituals were performed. We’ll stay on the lookout for how to accomplish this.

The new jumpscare might be a mystery, but our Zetsubou No Shima Guide Hub has everything else you need for BO3 Zombies! The bunker was open when the Doppleganger Easter Egg happened, so make sure you know how to turn on the power in Zetsubou No Shima. You might not need the Skull of Nan Sapwe for the jumpscare Easter Egg, but you will need it for later rounds.

Thanks to ryan0348.


It's solved! Turns out the Doppelganger Easter Egg is much easier than you'd think. Use our guide to do the jumpscare in Zetsubou No Shima.

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