NoahJ456 vs MrDalekJD In Zetsubou No Shima

NoahJ456 and MrDalekJD step up to take on the First Room Challenge In Zetsubou No Shima.

We've have a fair share of notable video highlights here at Opshead, but nothing beats watching two players of players take on the First Room Challenge in Zetsubou No Shima. MrDalekJD (Dale) and NoahJ456 (Noah) try their hand at the challenge in this fun video clip. The goal of these two parties is to coexist as they take on wave after wave of the undead in Zetsubou No Shima, all in an effort to see how far they can get as a collective. Of course, they're also seeing who will rack up the highest score and most kills as well, like many competitive players are known for doing.

The first attempt at the First Room Challenges kicks things off with a promising start, as both men are capable of holding their own against an onslaught of zombies. However, by the time the seventh round comes about, both Dale and Noah become overwhelmed. Dale goes down first, succumbing to his wounds while shooting the fleet chasing after Noah as he swims around in the water. Unfortunately, by the time nine minutes sets in he's done for. Noah manages to take the round with 59 kills and a score of 9610, compared to Dale with 47 kills and 7300 points.

The second attempt proves to be a much better one for the two, as they actually make it to the 11th round. However, an entirely different element does them in this time around. At around the 22-minute mark a fleet of spiders begin popping up to chomp away at the duo. At first they are able to handle relatively easily, blasting away at the spiders while wading in the water, and it looks as if they just might make it to round 12. Almost.

They get back on dry land, and by the time Noah acknowledges his victory (based on the count provided by Dale), a spider blows up near him and tries to take him out. Dale, in pure symbolic fashion, decides to sacrifice himself next to his friend and the round comes to a close. Although Dale has a higher score (13,190, 110 kills) than Noah (12,330, 67 kills), the round still belongs to Noah.

That being said, these two haven't finished their First Room Challenge just yet. As you'll hear in the video below, they've already promised to come back for more with the release of the forthcoming third and fourth downloadable content packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. While specific perimeters haven't been set for these upcoming matches (since the DLC isn't detailed or anything), it should be a promising match-up between the two – and a fine opportunity for Dale to come back and hopefully reclaim his zombie-killing throne.

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