Five Features Infinite Warfare's Zombies Needs

These five features would make Infinite Warfare’s co-op Zombies worth investing in.

When Infinity Ward revealed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will have a co-op Zombies component it managed to both prove just how popular the Zombies experience has become, while also setting itself up for potential disaster. Infinite Warfare will be the third Call of Duty release in a row to feature a co-op Zombies mode, which means Infinity Ward is really going to have to knock this one out of the park in order to combat players who have grown tired of the traditional Zombies experience.

We’ve already discussed how Infinity Ward can make Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode stand out, and now we’re here to discuss five additional features that would help give Infinite Warfare's Zombie mode the overall staying power it needs in order to succeed.

Full Progression

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Treyarch made some admirable strides with Black Ops 3’s Zombies mode by adding in progression features such as XP, unlocks, and prestiging, which many felt should have been part of the Call of Duty co-op experience a lot sooner. Infinity Ward could continue to build off those improvements, giving Infinite Warfare Zombies players access to all of the same bells and whistles found in competitive multiplayer. If those playing Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer can level up, prestige, earn unlocks, and customize their characters, than Zombies players should be able to as well.


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I think if there’s one area of Infinite Warfare that would be truly memorable with the latest addition of anti-gravity, it would definitely be Zombies. Black Ops 3 players who managed to trigger the anti-gravity secret in the Der Eisendrache map’s pyramid room will likely remember just how fun it was to dodge the undead while bouncing around the room. With that in mind, imagine an entire Zombies map where the lack of gravity became an invaluable asset in surviving the zombie hordes, as well as completing objectives. It may take some getting used to for more dedicated Zombies players, but it would certainly help spice up the otherwise routine format of a typical Zombies match.

Vehicle Segments

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If Infinity Ward really wanted to shake things up in its latest Zombies experience, one radical addition would be the inclusion of vehicles. For example, portions of each different Zombies map would allow players to drive around in various vehicles, and use them in a multitude of different ways. It could be something as simple as driving to different parts of the map, or it could be something more exciting like using the vehicles to mow down zombies, or an endgame sequence where the player has to drive along a linear path against an endless tide of the undead. Infinity Ward would obviously have to work harder to ensure that the vehicle segments don’t disrupt the map’s standard gameplay too much, but considering how the development team has the entirety of outer space to work with, I doubt it would present that much of a challenge.

A Difficulty Toggle

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Experienced Zombies players can make reaching the later rounds of a Zombies match look easy, but as more casual/less skilled players know, the atypical Call of Duty Zombies experience can be somewhat difficult. For players who want a more accessible experience, it would be great if Infinite Warfare’s Zombies experience had multiple difficulty levels. Not only would it help more casual players improve their Zombies skills, it could also incorporate scaling XP rewards to encourage players to slowly crank up the difficulty levels and face more difficult challenges.

An Easy-To-Follow Story

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Treyarch has worked hard over the past several years expanding the Black Ops Zombies storyline which first began in World at War and has subsequently progressed all the way to Black Ops 3. However, the downside to such a long, drawn-out storyline is that it has also become very convoluted, with even the most dedicated Zombies fans scratching their heads trying to dissect the entire Black Ops Zombies narrative. Infinity Ward has stated that Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode will feature a new original storyline, and we’re hoping that this storyline doesn’t get too bogged down trying to live up to Treyarch’s penchant for layered storytelling.

For more on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Zombies mode, be sure to check out our recap of the Infinite Warfare reveal livestream, as well as our analysis of the Zombies image Infinity Ward teased during the livestream. If you want to try out the Infinite Warfare Zombies experience as soon as possible, there’s a chance it might be included in the game’s upcoming beta

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